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September 09, 2011
Super Talent TeraDrive CT3 64GB SSD Review

Super Talent has filled a gap in their product lineup with the TeraDrive CT3 which has turned out to be a solid offering for those with a SATA III capable PC looking to upgrade.



September 04, 2011
Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC8 50GB (SF-1200) SSD Flash Drive Review – The Possibilities Are Endless
Today’s review is on the Super Talent RC8 50 GB USB Flash Drive which just may be the most powerful flash drive on the planet.
August 02, 2011
Super Talent Express RC8 Flash Drive Review
The Super Talent Express RC8 really is undoubtedly an impressive product.
July 29, 2011
USB 3.0 Flash Drive Roundup
However, if you use flash drives more often, such as frequently throughout the day, you’ll want to consider springing for high-performance models like the Patriot Supersonic Magnum and Super Talent RC8.
July 19, 2011
Super Talent Touts New MasterDrive KX3 SSD for Ultrathins and Tablets
To serve these sectors, Super Talent has come out with its new MasterDrive KX3, a 1.8-inch solid state drive aimed
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