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Super Talent PCIe Nova (read/write Speed up to 3.0 GB/s, 2.2 GB/s) now available! >
The new PCIe Nova features a PCIe x4 interface, Super Talent’s PCIe Nova is a choice for those wishing to push SSD performance when a PCIe solution is not feasible. The PCIe Nova drive allows for increased speeds through the SFF8639 port which provides read and writes speeds of up to 3000 and 2200 MB/s. Capacities up to 2TB.
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Super Talent Releases New 128GB USB 2.0 Pico C Drives >
Award Winning Super Talent Pico C Has Maximum Capacity Expanded
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Super Talent Launches their PCIe Nova U.2 SSDs, up to 2 TB and 3 GB/s >
New PCIe Nova drives will be aimed at servers and workstations first, and will offer capacities up to 2TB as well as high quoted performance. In fact, the new SSDs will be the fastest drives in Super Talent’s lineup and will compete against high-end drives from companies like Intel and HGST.
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