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Durable Automotive In-Vehicle-Infotainment SSDs are now available from Super Talent! >
The DuraDrive AT7 is Super Talent’s newest Automotive IVI SSD built to withstand the harsh environments and constant vibration of a moving vehicle.
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Super Talent Unveils its Single Rank 4GB DDR4 Modules Clocked at 2133 Mhz >
Reduce Space, Costs, and System Temperatures with Super Talent’s DDR4 VLP Modules
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SSD Review gets their hands on Super Talent’s DuraDrive AT7 – SSD that is built for automobile IVIs >
Performance of the AT7 is just what we might expect to see in consumer, client and even some enterprise SSDs, and this is much more than one would expect for such a place like the automotive industry where performance is often sacrificed to ensure for the durability and endurance of the hardware.
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