Super Talent offers a full range of flash media cards to suit all your mobile storage needs. These products are extensively tested to ensure compatibility with a wide range of consumer gadgets.

  • CFast Pro >

    Super Talent CFast PRO Card followed by the new CFast specification, redefines the high speed storage standard, which was dominated by CompactFlash Card for the past two decades.

  • CompactFlash Cards >

    Fast and reliable, CF cards can be used in digital SLR cameras, digital video camcorders, as well as industrial applications.

  • I-Temp CF Cards >

    Specifically designed for harsh operating conditions, Super Talent I-Temp CF cards are perfect for industrial applications and embedded systems.

  • MicroSD Cards >

    Achieve fast read/write speeds with Super Talent's Class 10 MicroSD cards. Available in up to 32GB capacities.

  • MicroSDHC >

    The incredibly small MicroSD cards are great for increasing the storage capacity of your phone, tablet, or other device.