Flash & DRAM Products

Enterprise Solutions >

Super Talent understands what it takes to hold up under the high demands of enterprise computing. Our server memory is 100% JEDEC compliant and is fully validated on a variety of server platforms.

Consumer >

Super Talent knows that by upgrading to a SSD from a traditional hard disk, shorter OS booting up time, faster application loading, less system power consumption can be expected which is why we provide quality SSD products for desktop and laptops.

Automotive & Industrial Grade >

IT applications within the automotive, industrial industries call for outstanding product quality and reliability, including high resistance to shock, vibration, temperature and moisture.

Mobile Computing >

Super Talent produces custom Solid State Drives for the netbook, mobile, and tablet markets. These SSDs are a cost-effective alternative compared to hard drives in the UMPC market.

Embedded >

Embedded computers are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions including dust, shock, vibration, temperature and humidity extremes.

USB Flash Drives >

With an excellent choice of USB 2.0 devices and a constantly increasing series of USB 3.0 drives, Super Talent flash provides a wide variety of USB options.

Flash Media Cards >

Super Talent offers a full range of flash media cards to suit all kinds of mobile storage needs. These products are extensively tested to ensure compatibility with a wide range of consumer gadgets.

Memory Modules >

Designed in compliance with JEDEC specifications, Super Talent DRAM modules deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.