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January 02, 2012
Super Talent Tera Nova 120GB SSD Review – First SSD Review of The New Year!
The Super Talent  Tera Nova 120GB SSD is yet another example of the quality of new generation SATA 3 SSDs being unleashed in the consumer arena today.
December 26, 2011
Super Talent USB 3.0 Express ST4 32GB Flash Drive Review

In the performed tests, ST4 succeeded to obtain the best read speeds through all the drives tested so far and also good reads. The Fnet TurboFlash USB application seems to bring some improvements, but mostly in the read department.

December 21, 2011
Super Talent Intros Storage POD Mini USB 3.0 External SSD
Super Talent said it will change how consumers "think about external storage" with the launch of its Storage POD Mini, a portable SSD with a USB 3.0 connector.
November 04, 2011
Super Talent Upstream PCIe 200GB SSD Exclusive First Look
With respect to performance, initial ATTO results show the drive to be capable of just over 900MB/s read and 854MB/s write although the choice of using asynchronous NAND flash memory becomes somewhat obvious when examining Crystal Disk Mark results. 
September 17, 2011
Super Talent TeraDrive CT3 120GB SATA 3 SSD Review – An Amazing ‘SandForce Driven’ ASync 6Gbps SSD
“The Super Talent CT3 is the highest performing ‘Async’ SSD we have tested to date” – Les Tokar, The SSD Review
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