Super Talent offers a full range of flash media cards to suit all kinds of mobile storage needs. These products are extensively tested to ensure compatibility with a wide range of consumer gadgets.

Flash Media Cards Interface Products MicroSD CF Card


MicroSD Card >

About four times smaller than the average SD card, the MicroSD card is primarily used with mobile handsets, the MicroSD Card also is supported by a variety of hand-held GPS devices, portable audio players, video game consoles and expandable USB flash memory drives.

Micro SDHC >

MicroSDHC cards are the same size as a MicroSD card but have the ability to store high-resolution images or videos. This ability allows the MicroSDHC to fit the needs of mobile enthusiasts.

CFast Card >

Super Talent CFast Storage Card is a revolution to the traditional CompactFlash Card, satisfying mobile digital devices storage needs, like PDAs, digital cameras, and such.

CF Card >

Compact Flash cards are perfect for embedded computing applications and are widely used in digital SLR cameras, handheld PCs, video cameras, music players, car navigation systems, and more.

I-Temp CF Card >

The I-Temp Flash Card is excellent for use in industrial machinery. Super Talent I-Temp Flash Cards are tested extensively to ensure they can withstand the severe operating conditions of industrial applications.