mSATA DX1(MO-300)

mSATA DX1 features outstanding performance. Available in 16GB to 128GB capacities, this drive complies with the SATA-II/SATA-III standards and is electrically compatible with a serial ATA disk drive.


  • SATA-III Interface
  • Max Speed: Read up to 480 MB/s, Write up to 300 MB/s
  • Capacities up to 128 GB
Form Factor:Mini PCIe
Capacities:16 – 128GB
DRAM Cache:64 MB – 256 MB DDR3 Internal Cache
NAND Flash:SLC and MLC
Performance: (Access Time)0.1ms
MLC: (Read/Write (MB/sec))480/300
SLC: (Read/Write (MB/sec))N/A
Dimension: 50.8 x 29.85 x 3.5mm
Part Number: FMDxxxJCRM (SLC), FM5xxxJCRM (MLC)
Data Sheet:mSATA DX1(MO-300)

Actual usable memory capacity may vary. 1MB equals 1 million bytes; 1GB equals 1 billion bytes.