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The MasterDrive PX SSD offers exceptionally fast sequential read and write speeds, making it ideal for commercial load-bearing applications. It uses a SATA-II 3Gbps interface, our advanced third generation controller and SLC NAND Flash chips to deliver exceptional reliability. With no moving components, the MasterDrive OX SSD also helps reduce power consumption, using up to 85% less power than a hard disk drive. The MasterDrive OX is an excellent storage solution for servers as well as extreme performance laptops.
   Specification: MasterDrive PX - SATA-II

2.5-inch SATA-II Solid State Drives
   Capacities: 16GB - 64GB
   Dimension:   100.2mm x 69.9mm x 9.5mm
   Part Number: FTD16GL25H (16GB)

FTD32GL25H (32GB)

FTD64GL25H (64GB)
 FTD28GL25H (128GB)

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