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Super Talent's DuraDrive AT SSDs have a standard IDE interface and are offered in various standard form factors. They are built with industrial grade SLC NAND Flash to offer the greatest possible reliability and endurance. The DuraDrive AT series has exceptional vibration and shock tolerance and is offered in commercial and industrial temperature ranges making it ideal to use in severe environments where reliability is critical.
   Specification: DuraDrive ET IDE 13 DuraDrive ET IDE 18 DuraDrive ET IDE 25

1.3-inch 44-pin IDE Solid State Drives

1.8-inch 44-pin IDE Solid State Drives

2.5-inch 44-pin IDE Solid State Drives
   Capacities: 8GB - 32GB 8GB - 64GB 16GB - 128GB
   Dimension:  50.8mm x 46.5mm x 8.9mm  69.9mm x 60.0mm x 7.5mm (9.6mm)  100.2mm x 69.9mm x 7.5mm (11mm)
   Part Number: Commercial Temp
FHD16GC13M (16GB)
FHD32GC13M (32GB)
Industrial Temp
FHD16GC13I (16GB)
FHD32GC13I (32GB)
Commercial Temp
FHD16GC18M (16GB)
FHD32GC18M (32GB)
FHD64GC18M (64GB)
Industrial Temp
FHD16GC18I (16GB)
FHD32GC18I (32GB)
FHD64GC18I (64GB)
Commercial Temp
FHD16GC25M (16GB)
FHD32GC25M (32GB)
FHD64GC25M (64GB)
FHD28GC25M (128GB)
Industrial Temp
FHD16GC25I (16GB)
FHD32GC25I (32GB)
FHD64GC25I (64GB)
FHD28GC25I (128GB)
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