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These new ultra small IDE SSDs are made for small enclosures. They're a perfect small, fast, reliable and affordable storage option for small form factor applications. These 1.0-inch and 0.85-inch NAND Flash based SSDs support an industry standard IDE ZIF interface.
   Specification: 0.85-inch ZIF IDE 1.0-inch ZIF IDE

   Capacities: 2GB - 4GB 2GB - 8GB
   Dimension:  30mm x 22mm x 4mm  40mm x 30mm x 4mm
   Part Number: - FHD2GN85 (2GB)
- FHD4GN85 (4GB)
- FHD2GN10 (2GB)
- FHD4GN10 (4GB)
- FHD8GN10 (8GB)
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