DuraDrive SSDs

Super Talent's DuraDrive SSDs represent the state-of-the-art solid-state storage solutions for Industrial, Embedded, Military and Mission Critical applications. Available in a variety of configurations, features include: iTemp (-40C to +85C) and Commercial Temp, SLC and MLC, Secure Erase, SATA, PATA and ZIF. When reliability becomes mission critical, think DuraDrive.

NameInterfaceForm FactorCapacities
DuraDrive AT SATA III 2.5” 8GB – 2TB
DuraDrive AX SATA III 1.8” 64GB - 256GB
DuraDrive ET IDE/PATA 2.5 " 32GB – 512GB
DuraDrive KX4 uSATA III 1.8” 32GB - 512GB