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Our new line of consumer grade SSDs offer high performance, low power consumption and light weight combined with reliability that is far superior to hard drives. Enjoy dramatically faster system startup and application load times in comparison to a hard drive. These drives consume up to 85% less power than a typical spinning hard disk drive so users can enjoy an extended battery life and less heat build-up.

     SATA Solution
   Specification: Consumer SATA25-S

2.5-inch Serial ATA Solid State Drives
   Capacities: 8GB - 256GB
   Dimension:  100.2mm x 69.9mm x 9.5mm (12.5mm for 256GB)
   Part Number: FSD8GC25H (8GB)
FSD16GC25H (16GB)
FSD32GC25H (32GB)
FSD64GC25H (64GB)
FSD28GC25H (128GB)
FSD56GC25H (256GB)
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