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Super Talent Overclocking memory is engineered for speed. Extreme Performance DDR2, and DDR3 DIMMs support high frequencies and low latencies for optimum performance. These products are 100% tested at their rated specs on popular enthusiast motherboards to ensure performance and reliability. Custom cast aluminum High Efficiency heat spreaders are included for optimum thermal performance.

- Single modules: 512MB, 1GB, 2GB capacities
- Matched pairs tested on Dual Channel motherboards: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB kits
Tom's Hardware: Life At 2 GT/s: 6 GB DDR3-2000 Memory Kits Compared
- Why Super Talent Extreme Performance Memory?
Extreme Performance
Our extreme performance memory is designed for maximum speed in intensive gaming, music encoding and video editing applications. These modules are engineered to support high clock speeds and low latencies for high torque computing.
Broad Product Range
Super Talent offers one of the largest selections of high performance memory in the industry, including 6GB, 4GB, 3GB and 2GB kits and individual modules in a variety of clock speeds and latencies. Our performance products are tailor made for today's leading enthusiast motherboards.
Hand Tested at Rated Specs
Every Super Talent extreme performance module is hand tested in a popular enthusiast motherboard at its rated clock speed and latency settings, to ensure not only functionality but also performance. That means Dual and Triple Channel kits are tested as a kit in a dual or triple channel motherboard, and packaged together immediately after test.

Excellent Thermal Characteristics
All Super Talent extreme performance modules include a thermally bonded custom aluminum heat spreader that efficiently wicks heat away from the memory. Keeping the memory chips cool helps the modules perform better and last longer.
Lifetime Warranty
Super Talent backs its extreme performance memory with excellent service and support and a limited lifetime warranty.

Award Winning Products
Super Talent extreme performance memory has won hundreds of press awards for its extraordinary performance. Check out what leading editors say about Super Talent Recent Reviews.