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November 15, 2013
MadShrimps Reviews the USB 3.0 Pico
STT's USB 3.0 Pico drive is praised by MadShrimps
September 14, 2013
The SSD Review tests the USB 3.0 Express Dram★Disk™ and gives it the Editor’s Choice Award
After thoroughly testing the Dram★Disk™, The SSD Review raves about the benefits to media professionals and other users.
September 03, 2013
All USB weighs in on the USB 3.0 Express Dram★Disk
Overall, it is quite easy to see the value that the USB 3.0 Express Dram*Disk offers even from a casual user
August 28, 2013
Tweak Town reviews the USB 3.0 Pico drive
Tweak Town gives our newest Pico drive their Best Value Award!
July 24, 2013
TweakTown Gives RC4 Best Features Award
TweakTown reviews the USB 3.0 Express RC4 and recommends it as a must-have!
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