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USB 3.0 Series     Extreme Performance Flash Drives
USB 3.0 Express RC4
The USB 3.0 Express RC4 is an ultimate combination of speedy performance, price, and usability.
USB 3.0 Express RC8 SuperCrypt USB 3.0 DataGuardian USB 3.0 Express ST4
Using 8 channels of flash, virtual caching system and a SSD controller, the Express RC8 is a powerhouse in USB 3.0 flash drive technology. SuperCrypt USB 3.0 drives are extremely fast, include hardware encryption to keep your data secure, and are offered in a wide range of capacities. The USB 3.0 DataGuardian offers the optimum combination of Performance, Price, Security and Compatibility in a stylish aluminum enclosure.

Integrated with 4 channels of flash and a native USB 3.0 controller, the ST4 narrows the gap between SSD performance and USB 2.0 price.

USB 3.0 Express ST2 Express ST1 Storage POD Enclosure

The Express ST2 delivers USB 3.0 performance at a USB 2.0 price. Small, fast, backward compatible and completely affordable.

The Express ST1 is our lowest priced USB 3.0 drive! Designed to increase your productivity, the Express ST1 is light on your wallet and in your pocket. Bring USB 3.0 performance to your existing disk drive with this USB 3.0 DIY kit.