Super Talent Expands Its NGFF SSD Lineup with PCIe DX1

Generation 2 PCIe Compliant SSD Based on the Next Generation Form Factor

San Jose, California – October 17, 2013 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of NAND Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, announces its Super Talent PCIe DX1 SSD.

The Super Talent PCIe DX1 is 22.00mm x 80.00mm x 3.5mm. It is small in volume, but very quick when it comes to speed to match and satisfy the demands of a server or mobile environment. Next generation mobile computing can take full advantage of performance with these space saving SSDs. The 128 MB internal cache on the Super Talent PCIe DX1 further speeds up application load times and the overall unit is easily mounted without any cables.

Capacity Super Talent PCIe DX1 P/N
32GB FN8032J3RM
64GB FN8064J3RM
128GB FN8128J3RM
256GB FN8256J3RM

Available in 32 GB to 256 GB capacities, the Super Talent PCIe DX1 supports standard PCIe Gen2 compliant interfaces and speeds up to 406 MB/s through a single lane. With the ability to provide high reliability and performance for mobile storage media, this allows the Super Talent PCIe DX1 to open up many possibilities for the industrial and commercial storage market. More information about the full line of Super Talent NGFF SSDs can be found here.