Super Talent Announces Enterprise Class UltraDrive SSDs

Super Talent Announces Enterprise Class UltraDrive SSDs | New Extreme Performance SSDs Categorically Outgun Hard Drives

New Extreme Performance SSDs Categorically Outgun Hard Drives


San Jose, California – December 9, 2008 – Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced a new line of UltraDrive solid state drives (SSDs) that are twice as fast as the world’s speediest SATA hard drives and are offered in capacities up to 256GB.


UltraDrive LE SSDs are designed expressly for enterprise servers and data centers where exceptional performance, reliability and endurance are paramount. The UltraDrive LE supports very high transaction speeds (IOPS), and supports sequential read/write speeds of 230/170 MB per second. While outperforming 10,000 RPM hard drives, the UltraDrive LE uses substantially less power and generates less heat. Based on SLC NAND Flash, the UltraDrive LE is offered in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.


“The UltraDrive LE represents a quantum leap forward in storage performance that is simply staggering. It excels in every metric that’s relevant to data centers: sequential and random read and write speeds, transaction rates and access and seek times. It also has a considerable advantage over 10,000 RPM hard drives in power consumption and MTBF. This product sets a new standard in enterprise storage” said Super Talent Chief Operating Officer, Mr. C.H. Lee.


UltraDrive ME SSDs now represent the fastest available 2.5-inch internal storage solution for SATA-II notebooks. With sequential read/write speeds up to 200/160 MB per second, the UltraDrive ME outperforms the fastest desktop hard drives available, making it an outstanding upgrade for mobile professionals and gamers alike. As the company’s third generation MLC NAND based SSD, the UltraDrive ME offers reliability not found in competing SSDs.




Max Read/Write Speed

UltraDrive LE

2.5-inch SATA-II, SLC, up to 128GB

230/170 MB/sec

UltraDrive ME

2.5-inch SATA-II, MLC, up to 256GB

200/160 MB/sec


UltraDrive LE and ME SSDs will available in January 2009.



Usable capacity is less than specified after formatting. US patents # 7,243,185; 7,301,776 and 7,318,117 and others apply.