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FW 2142 Factory MP TOOL Release

The latest and final firmware for Ultra Drive GX/GX2 series.

FW 2142 Factory MP TOOL Release

Postby SSD-James » Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:11 am

Dear all valued customers,

I uploaded the updater iso file at the bottom.
Please burn your CD and boot from it to update the firmware.
It works only on IDE mode. Please change the BIOS setting from AHCI/RAID mode to IDE mode.
Sometimes it may not work. please let us know.
It is for GX product line. GX2 product line model name will be changed to GX product line.
It doesn't matter.

*** Before doing anything with the following tools, Back up the data ***
MP TOOL will erase the whole data.
UPDATER may cause data corruption.

We are very happy to release the new firmware 2142 which covers ULTRA drive GX/GX2.
The old firmware 2030 has some serious problem at flushing so that it wears out your SSD very quickly. Please download the firmware as soon as possible.
All tools will be same: SMART viewer,ID checker, Erase tool, ...

Some of latest mobo has SATA III port (SATA 6G). MP TOOL and ISO file updater will not work on those SATA III port. Please use SATA II port only.

*** The easiest way to find out your SSD Flash Selection is :
Please refer to the FW2142_Updater.zip
Or to check it under Windows OS: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=8630
If your product's mid 4 -XXXX- serial number is Ixxx, the flash selection is JSxxxxxxxxxxx

*** AMD / NVIDIA chipset users ***
I verified one of AMD chipset with ASUS M4A785TD-V EDO mother board.
OS: Windows7-64bit
It has AM3 socket and 785G north bridge chipset and SB710 south bridge chipset.
Most AMD chipset users have some problem - why? mostly due to IDE/AHCI issue. Set it to IDE mode PLEASE.
I verified MP TOOL is working and UPDATER is working. Our customer verified SB850 and SB950 too.
I also verified the same thing with EVGA 132-CK-NF79-A1 board.
MP TOOL is working and Updater build and Updater is working.
I also did some experiment on ASUS STRIKER II EXTREME board, which uses NVIDIA chipset.
The south bridge chipset per CPU-z is 570. (It is too old?)
I verified MP TOOL is working per guide. But Updater is not working.
I uploaded the guide for AMD/NVIDIA chipset base PC users as below:

***All instructions and guide are updated as of May 19, 2011
*** You can choose "Auto Detection" if you do not know flash selection (Jan. 16, 2012)

Most important notice here:
If you have a problem to use the MP TOOL, let me know with the following information:
1. PC Spec - OS, Mother board model name or PC model name or south bridge chipset name
2. SSD model name such as FTMxxGxxxx
3. Full serial number of your SSD such as xxxxxxxx-XXXX-xxxxxxx. XXXX is most important.

Factory Mass Production Tool (MP TOOL)
(17.38 MiB) Downloaded 13218 times

FW2142 Updater with iso file.
Iso updater program does not work at many cases. Please use the above MP TOOL file to update the final firmware 2142.
(2.8 MiB) Downloaded 4471 times

MP TOOL Guide_NVDA.zip
Comments on NVidia/AMD chipset mother board users when flashing
(513.52 KiB) Downloaded 3506 times

For any questions about the firmware update, please contact james.lee@supertalent.com
For weekends in PT of USA, contact jklee.usa@gmail.com
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