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SandForce Controller base SSD 2 - Crystal Disk, AS SSD

SandForce Controller base SSD 2 - Crystal Disk, AS SSD

Postby SSD-James » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:28 am

This Crystal Disk benchmark has more meaningful test reults as many people think.
It tests not only Sequential Read/Write but also it tests 4KB random Read/Write with QD=1 and QD=32.
QD=1 data shows PC performance and QD=32 shows more meaningful at Mass Storage application.
Marketing SPEC number of iops is based on QD=32 but it is MEANINGLESS at PC application.
PC does not use QD=32 or QD=64.
It is only at QD=1.
Crystal MixT.png
Crystal Disk Standard and GOLD firmware comparison Screenshot
Crystal MixT.png (406.32 KiB) Viewed 4727 times

AS SSD MixT.png
AS SSD Standard and GOLD firmware comparison Screenshot
AS SSD MixT.png (563.91 KiB) Viewed 4727 times

The following 2 screenshots will show the Standard Firmware with the same NAND configuration.

If you test the same things with Standard firmware you may be able to see not much differences.
We may see and talk about more in details at IO Meter testing results.

With the above test results, we can tell both benchmarks show similar results.
AS SSD uses larger size of test data which is more incompressible than that of Crystal Disk.
The above assumption can be proved with IO Meter test result.
For the audio/video streaming file server, you may see AS SSD test result or closer to.
For the data center servers, you may see Crystal Disk test result.

At next session, I would like to talk about the HD Tune test result before and after 10minute fragmenting.
Which will show you about the TRIM...
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