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SandForce controller base SSD 1

SandForce controller base SSD 1

Postby SSD-James » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:22 am

This is most popular SSD product line of the world at this moment (2011 and 2012)
SandForce release new controller 2xxx series late 2011 and it is most popular as most of MOBO are supporting SATA III (6G) now.

Some you heard this product from Tech FORUM site and that is good enough to draw your attention.

That is why I selected this product line as the first topic of this Benchmarking FORUM.
This FORUM site is not only for Super Talent product but it also covers most major brands similar product lines.

There are actually many kinds of tastes in these product lines but I would like to cover most popular 4 lines.

1. SandForce 2281 controller + Async. MLC NAND + Standard FirmWare (Class 1)
2. SandForce 2281 controller + Async. MLC NAND + GOLD FirmWare (Class 2)
3. SandForce 2281 controller + Sync. MLC NAND + Standard FirmWare (Class 3)
4. SandForce 2281 controller + Sync. MLC NAND + GOLD FirmWare (Class 4)

For PC/Tablet/Ultrabook/Desktop/Workstation users, 1and 2 are exactly same.
3 and 4 are also exactly same.
All SSD makers are saying 500MB/s speed and 85K~90K iops... blablabla...
That is not for this PC users. Only marketing purpose.
Most of SSD fans now know that marketing terms..., right?
SandForce did a really good job for marketing.

I would like to show you a good example of marketing.
I actually started to use that marketing purpose ATTO bench at the beginning of Indilinx controller base SSD launch to the market long time ago.
That was one of good success.

ATTO is one of perfect benchmarking program to show you the perfect/speedy performance.
Let me show you with HDD.
Here's Western Digital 3.5" 250GB SATA III disk.
I checked the ATTO bench for you. Real and Marekting purpose.
HDD ATTO 1.png
REAL meaning speed
HDD ATTO 1.png (51.32 KiB) Viewed 4713 times

HDD max.png
Marketing Purpose Test Result
HDD max.png (50.6 KiB) Viewed 4713 times

As you can see, 110/110 is the real meaningful transfer speed.
370/450 is the marketing purpose tested speed.
What a difference...

In addition, the HDD tested is OS installed with Win7 64bit and it is used for a long while.

The biggest benefit of SSD is not the speed. It is rather the access time.
SSD access time is 0.1 milli second.
HDD access time is 10 milli seconds.

To read 4KB x 1000 files, how long does it take? Let's simply calculate it.
SSD: 1000 x (0.1 + 4KB/50MB) = 180 ms
HDD: 1000 x (10 + 4KB/20MB) = 10200ms
The major factor to determine the speed is, as you can see, the access time.
HDD makers are now trying their best to reduce the access time and the latest HDD has about 6~7ms right now.
But it still has a big difference from SSD.

At your side, test transfer speed with large files and check what you can get.
You may be able to get only 250~350MB/s...

Let's review the most realistic benchmarking program Crystal Disk(AS SSD is also same meaningful)
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