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Intel Z68 chipset hybrid performance test and Comp.

Intel Z68 chipset hybrid performance test and Comp.

Postby SSD-James » Mon May 16, 2011 2:57 pm

You are now able to utilize the SSD for Capacity.
Please download the file below and feel the difference using SSD.
You will get the performance as much as SSD with capacity.
But, if your SSD performance is low, you will get the lower performance gain.
If you want to know the performance gain from your SSD, you post it for discussion.

In this experiment, we used FTD06MT25H (Indilinx controller + Martini firmware 60GB) and
FTM55C225H (Sand Force Controller base 55GB SSD)

*** Attachment ***
SRT(Hybrid) TEST.zip
Z68 chipset SRT performance gain test data
(2.4 MiB) Downloaded 1823 times

(11.29 MiB) Downloaded 1834 times
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