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FTM64GX25H undetectable on SATA, but fine on USB

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FTM64GX25H undetectable on SATA, but fine on USB

Postby dunc » Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:56 pm


as posted here...
...I had some problems with a FTM64GX25H drive. After a few weeks of use, my PC was unable to detect the HDD in the BIOS. I've got a replacement twice, all drives were running on FW 1819. Even the last replacement showed this behavior.

However, I wanted to do some further testing before I turn my back on SSDs for a while, and tried to put the disk in another PC. Same thing.

Now, I have a SATA to USB external adapter here. I never used it with the SSD, because it obviously does not make any sense, speed-wise. However, I connected the "dead" SSD to the adapter and connected it... Guess what, no problem at all, it works like a charm!

So: if my SSD is "lost" by the PC, all that obviously happens is that the PC BIOS is unable to detect the SSD correctly. As the USB adapter does not rely on the BIOS detection, it seems to work fine.

Is that helpful for anyone in the support team? Problems with SSD detection are only applicable with regards to the BIOS disk detection? But the disk itself works fine (e.g. on USB) when you can somehow get around the BIOS detection.

Maybe that is a hint that someone can use to figure out what is wrong in such cases.

Thanks and kind regards,
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Re: FTM64GX25H undetectable on SATA, but fine on USB

Postby STT-MJ » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:52 pm

Hi Joerg:

First: Bios is out of date, you may need to update your bios to new version.
Second: The SSD is not compatible with your motherboard.

These two reasons will be possible cause this case.
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Re: FTM64GX25H undetectable on SATA, but fine on USB

Postby dunc » Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:50 am

Hi ST-J,

thanks for your answer.

My motherboard is an Asus P5Q (Intel P45 chipset with ICH10R storage controller) with the latest available Bios version 2102 dated from 2009-05-11. This is as compatible as it gets, proven components, nothing special.

This is one of the most used and most spread socket 775 chipset/storage combination, and I assume that this combo *is* compatible with your products, correct?

Furthermore - just to repeat again what is happening - the SSD has been detected correctly when the disk was new and when it was connected to the PC. Only after a few weeks of usage, the PC lost the ability to detect the SSD on the SATA port. This is when 1st RMA'd the drive. And the replacement drive was *just* the same. It was detected and working correctly for a few weeks, *then* the PC became unable to detect the SSD on the SATA port.

I would assume that something *inside* the SSD firmware is degrading over time, effectively causing this error.

Unless you tell me that the Asus P5Q/P45/ICH10R board is *indeed* not compatible (which would mean that you would have to specify which hardware *is* compatible on the SSD product page and data sheets), I assume that you agree with my opinion and observations?

Kind regards,
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Postby grouper » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:28 am

Any replies to this yet?

Got the same problem like many others as well apparently (disappearing super-talent SDD), I麓ll give it a shot with the USB hook up!
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Postby SSD-James » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:43 pm

Didn't you send me a PM?
I sent you an e-mail with instruction.
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