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FTM32GX25H gone forever ???

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FTM32GX25H gone forever ???

Postby The SphereX » Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:24 am

Hi there !!!

During the last 6 years, since I've updated its firmware to version 2142, my FTM32GX25H did a normal job mainly as a temporary drive (system temp, Firefox cache ...) without specific incidents. However, when I turned on my PC yesterday, the boot process took a lot longer as usual, while it seemed that Windows had severe problems with initializing a device. So I checked the device manager afterwards where I couldn't find the FTM32GX25H anymore. The same situation in BIOS: No FTM32GX25H to be found.

As it's common when something like this happens, I changed the power and data cables as well as the SATA port. But no matter what I've tried, the drive wasn't recognized anymore. Only the boot process kept considerably extended as both the BIOS and Windows obviously struggled with initializing the SSD.

LONG STORY SHORT: Is there any chance to get access to the data on my FTM32GX25H at least one last time before pension it off well-earned? Although only temporary non-sensitive data reside there, I'd like to have a last look for safety's sake.

Or is what I've witnessed the usual way an UltraDrive is supposed to die: without any kind of announcements, just out of the blue like a sudden cardiac death?

> Model: STT_FTM32GX25H
> Serial number: P554900-GBIX-4079009
> Firmware: 2142

The SphereX
The SphereX
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