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Flash Selections GX/GX2

Any Indilinx controller base SSD, 2.5" / 1.8" / VSSD / SLIM LITE / Master Drive KX2

Flash Selections GX/GX2

Postby lowrell » Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:46 pm

Dear James,

will you please tell me the right flash selections for the following SSDs:

1. FTM64GX25H - S/N R528763-DDBX-8279002 (MLC 64G)
2. FTM28GX25H - S/N P590946-CTBX-A139165 (MLC 128G)[/list][/list]

Current firmware on both is 1819

Here's my answer:
1. FTM64GX25H - S/N R528763-DDBX-8279002 (MLC 64G) ==> K9LBG08U0M 64GB.
2. FTM28GX25H - S/N P590946-CTBX-A139165 (MLC 128G) ==> TH58NVG6D1DTG20 128GB.

Thanks in advance
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