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Help with Bug in old FTM64GX25H SSD

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Help with Bug in old FTM64GX25H SSD

Postby flexy123 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:18 am

I have a very old FTM64GX25H which I already flashed to firmware 2142.

This SSD, ever since I have it, seems to have a bug (even with new 2142 firmware!) that it will last several months but then all of a sudden disappears. It means PC cannot boot anymore after 6 or so months.

There are two ways to fix this:

1) (Easiest!) Just to plug SSD in another SATA port
2) Erase complete firmware with MPTool and rewrite firmware, then put back backup of drive.
(I had to do this already multiple times to revive the SSD, usually all 6 or so months.)

It is my understanding there is some sort of counter in the firmware (on/off cycles) and when the counter exceeds a certain number, the SSD just stops working on the specific port.

My question is whether there is another way to reset this counter (without having to erase all data on the firmware and reflash entire SSD). Eg. non-destructive "reset" of firmware parameters?


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Postby SSD-James » Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:48 am

There is no reset counters or like that.
Per your information of every 6 months problems, it must be due to:
1. Controller SMT was weak...
2. A certain block is going to go bad very easily and it is coincidentally boot block.
3. That certain block related NAND chip soldering is weak.

It looks like a hardware issue.
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Postby flexy123 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:43 am

*** UPDATE ***

I know I need a new SSD since the FTM64GX25H is very old - but I am still using it and yesterday I had this issue again. Thank god I had a backup of my system.

I want to describe to you what happens because I have a question:

* On Boot, SSD is not seen in BIOS anymore (it's my system drive) so PC won't boot.

* When I boot on emergency Win 7 partition (on 2nd HD) it seems that SSD got one (or more) new bad blocks. BUT BAD BLOCKS SEEM NOT TO BE REMAPPED!

When PC reads the SSD and comes to the bad block (for example when trying to backup the SSD) the entire PC freezes.

---> Need to remove SSD and put into factory mode.

I NEED TO SET PC TO IDE for MP-TOOL - AHCI for MP-TOOL does not work, hangs MP Tool! (I also have a suspicion there is a problem with Intel Rapid Storage AHCI drive (iastorV), but this is just a guess.)

After putting PC into IDE, I can start MP-TOOL and flash 2142 and it then finds initial bad blocks. Sometimes MP-Tool still hangs, yesterday I had to run it 3x times. (NAND BIST self-test set to 2x, but I don't know whether 2x BIST is enough).

Why are bad blocks not remapped or relocated automatically?

* Is there a tool which can test SSD and find bad blocks (NAND) and relocate them?

SMART DATA for SSD dos not have any "bad sector reallocation" value so I cannot see whether the SSD relocates any bad blocks in time.
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