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INT-AIN1-MCR Card Reader Froze?

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INT-AIN1-MCR Card Reader Froze?

Postby thartist » Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:16 pm

I recently inserted a 8GB HDSC MICRO SD CARD and the card reader read the card fine, I did not EJECT the card from Windows 7 x64 (All Latest updates) and now the "working" LIGHT won't go off. It's like it's frozen. Even rebooting or shutting down does not turn off the light! I have to literally unplug the computer to get the light to turn off.

After unplugging the PC and then rebooting it, the card reader light is off and seems to be functioning normally... I insert the same MICRO SD Card and it trys to read it. I even get the pop up dialogue box asking me what I want to do with the media, however upon my choice, it trys to read it and then goes frozen.

I've had the Card Reader for about 2 years with VERY MINIMAL use... maybe use'd it 10 times and the USB about 50 times. The USB still works fine btw.

Any idea on how to reboot this thing from the Device Manager, or even HOW TO TELL which one it is? Thanks!
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