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FE1064MDRM IDE Flash Module question

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FE1064MDRM IDE Flash Module question

Postby hologramxt » Sun May 31, 2015 2:41 am

Sorry if isn't the right forum, but there's no other way where post about this question.
I bought an IDE Flash Module (64GB Horizontal 40P, model at subject) for a embedded AMD board (for a 32" touchscreen Samsung 320TSN-2).
I connected it but there's no way to make BIOS detect it. I used also the external molex power connection in case the mainboard wasn't providing power properly. Either worked. If i boot from usb with windows 8.1 it detects some storage connected, but not configured (i didn't connect to internet so it didn't checked for driver).
I cloned in it a usb HDD of 160GB that i've been using, and if i connect the IDE Flash Module into an external usb hdd case, boots perfectly and works from it, also i can access to data using usb adapter with other computers.
I tried also connect it to a standard Intel P4 PC, but it either detects the module in BIOS.

Maybe I did something wrong cloning the usb and damaged anything to make the module be detected by bios? It's damaged the module however i can read/write/boot from USB with adapter from any computer?

Thanks for help
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